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Body of Text is a learning and research project funded by a Discovery Grant from the Pew Center for Arts And Heritage. The project was conceived to move us towards a new method of working with its ensemble, one driven by the intersection and overlap of verbal and physical meaning. This project focused on research time for us to think about formal approaches to language in performance and build a bank of shared knowledge among the company of dancers. We envision this process leading to a new ways of working and to the start of layered dance-based work in which multiple narrative threads are poetically woven together — harmonizing, contrasting, colliding, and co-existing to form new meta-narratives.

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the exponential value of creative exchange

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Thanks to the BiLateral Exchange I spent three weeks in Budapest, Hungary from September 17th – October 8th, 2015. This was a true gift for my artistic work. It took me away from the demands and distractions of my daily routine, it changed my perspective on my work—and it took place in a beautiful, inspiring city.

This type of residency is special – and vital – because it plugs an artist into the stream of a foreign artistic community, to discover from the inside out what the ecology of that dance community looks like, feels like, sounds like.

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Residency at the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC)

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In early October, I was in residence at the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC) in Tallahassee, Florida. I was invited to lead choreographic explorations with the dancers of AXIS Dance Company, an amazing organization based in Oakland, CA with a mission to create, perform, educate and support “physically integrated dance,” a contemporary dance form that evolves from the collaboration between dancers with and without physical disabilities. This residency was transformative for me and helped me solidify some thoughts I was exploring about process.

More information on AXIS Dance Company and the residency

new solo work in SCUBA

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Nichole Canuso will be showing new work in Philadelphia, as well as touring to Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Nichole will be performing a 15 minute version of the work in Philadelphia in March, and on the SCUBA tour. The full-length version of Midway Avenue will premiere at FringeArts on May 2-4, 2014. If you are in Philadelphia, we would love to see you for both the short version, sharing a bill with cutting-edge companies from around the country, and the evening-length version that will happen in May. And spread the news if you have friends in Minneapolis, Seattle, or the Bay Area!

about Midway Avenue:

The past and present overlap in ways both literal and ephemeral to create a composite portrait of a life in Midway Avenue. Solo performer Nichole Canuso questions, constructs, and transforms the outlines of her memories, and the world that shaped them. Simple images accumulate to reveal an internal map built of personal details and universal yearnings. With both careful attention and playful abaondon, she tackles questions about what we choose to keep and what we toss aside. Using Chopin’s 24 Preludes as a frame to work within and wrestle with, Canuso embraces and erases the lines that define her.

about SCUBA:

“A kind of Whitney Biennial of dance, this mobile showcase taps the country’s best emerging talent … and sends them on the road.” — Minnesota Monthly

In addition to Philadelphia’s Nichole Canuso Dance Company, also on the SCUBA line-up are Seattle’s Elia Mrak, NAKA Dance Theater (San Francisco) and SuperGroup (Minneapolis).


performances Friday, March 7 and Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ritz Theater, 8pm

tickets available here


Friday, March 14 and Saturday, March 15, 2014

At Conwell Dance Theater, NE Corner of Broad Street & Montgomery Avenue on Temple University Campus, 7:30pm

tickets available at

San Francisco

Saturday, April 19 and Sunday, April 20, 2014

ODC Theater, 8pm

ticket link coming soon…


Friday, April 25, Saturday, April 26, and Sunday, April 27, 2014

Velocity Founders Theater, 8pm

tickets available here

Committing to the 24 Preludes – belated notes from London

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Early on in the London rehearsal phase I decided to work with the commitment of using the 24 preludes in their entirety.  In order.  (whether or not this becomes the final decision it felt right to commit to it very fully for a couple weeks) The decision came out of a conversation with Matteo Fargion and Rahel Vonmoos on the first day about the music.
This is the structure I’ve been working with for a long time, but I’ve been leaving the door open to the possibility of skipping tracks or using additional Chopin pieces outside of the preludes.
It feels good to commit to the full preludes and embrace that challenge as part of the work.
The use of this particular piece of music began as an exercise: A structure to organize within, a frame to push against… At first it felt temporary – like a necessary first step in assembling an unruly amount of material, a shell I would shed at a certain point.  But I quickly became intrigued by the pieces and the specific ways they cradled, coinsided and clashed with the content of my material.
When I show this draft to new people the music is always at the forefront of the experience and the decision to use Chopin carries weight and brings up questions.
For the work-in-progress version I’ve been working with for a while now, I only made my way up to the 17th prelude.  At the conclusion of my time in London I now have a draft of the full 24 preludes.
Embracing the challenge of sticking to this structure in full and recognizing that as a key component of the dance is so far proving very helpful.  Psychologically and in practice.
With the intentional limitation I feel like I can address more specifically the elements I do have in my control and at my disposal.

i.e. Silence (length between preludes), volume, style of the recording, source of the recording (full sound system, a radio onstage), and the relationship between my voice my movement and the music… which is a big one.

First rehearsal – Marlybone Gardens

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I started the process by meeting up with Rahel VonMoos and Matteo Fargion.  I performed the 30 minute draft of the solo I’ve been working on.  We had a great chat about where it’s headed, where the strengths and problems lay, and how they might get involved over these next two weeks.
I rehearsed at a space called Marylebone Gardens–  a pop up theater and venue created and hosted by Theatre Delicatessen.  TD is using the space that was once a BBC building and sharing the rooms to artists at very low rates.
The set up of the space was an inspiring start to my process.
(but with only a tiny electric heater in the corner – it was a bit chilly!)
I love this system of temporarily converting unused space in a densely populated area.
LMCC does of great job of this in NYC – its no simple task – and the small theater company doing it here is working its tail off to keep the program going.

Marylebone Gardens is in the heart of an upscale shopping area.  During this pre-christmas season the foot-traffic is high – and its so great to see a sign for free entrance to a photography exhibit nextdoor to a shop selling $600 shoes.

Return to London and return to solo

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I’m back in London.
When I came for the initial workshops with Wendy Houstoun it was Spring 2011.  I didn’t know what I was going to uncover or where the work would take me. 
Its quite fitting that I’m returning in December.  The distracted attention and open excitement of spring is behind me.  There is still wonder and anticipation but also a determined focus on the road ahead. 
I’ll be here for two weeks.  I’m looking forward to several studio visits from two artists I met briefly during my initial research in 2011: Matteo Fargion and Rahel VonMoos.  I’ve invited them to come take a look at the material I’ve generated and to engage with me in conversations and explorations to deepen the process. 

But let me back up…
And give a brief overview of the last year and a half.
I put the solo aside to work on a major new work: The Garden.  
The work I did throughout DMD/DM greatly informed the ensemble work of The Garden, and several of the dancers from that process performed in The Garden.  (though I still feel like there is a dance waiting to happen – born from the material we generated during the group process of DMD/DM.  but that’s another story.)
Over the last year and and a half I revisited the draft of my solo a few times.  In December 2012 I performed a 15 minute version for the NPN conference and again during a workshop for the writers of Thinking Dance.  Both of these showings led to lively conversations with presenters and artists I respect.  During the conference I struck up a friendship with solo artist Dan Kwong, which led to a studio visit with him in March of that year. 
I love allowing this solo to be a launchpad for larger conversations about process. 
Thanks to a grant from The PCAH and an invitation from FringeArts to premiere the work, I’m now focusing my attention on turning the solo process into a fully produced performance.   (evening length performance)
This phase of producing the work begins with a two week intensive period in London with studio visits from Matteo Fargion and Rahel VonMoos, two artists I worked with briefly during my initial research visit in 2011.  In between these sessions I will work alone in the studio. 
The goal is to return to Philadelphia re-inspired by conversations from colleages and mentors about the process of making this work.  I’ll filter those conversations and focus my energy on the completion of an evening length production. 
I’ll be working with a design team in this final phase of the process, shifting what has been a long expanse of working alone with brief visits from outside eyes, to working more intimately with people who will help me see the vision to completion.  This design team is coming in fresh to the project, and it’s strange to imagine inviting them into what has so far been a very vulnerable process.  
Prior to coming to London I spent a few days with composer Troy Herion (one of the members of the design team) – introducing him to the process and the solo and inviting him to ask question and provide provocations.  I love the way Troy thinks about structure and we had a great time batting around ideas.  The more I invite people into the room with me the more I realize that I need to remain a strong filter for the process.  At this point I know the heart of the work intimately and I need to trust my instincts.  I’m also very attached to things, so the provocations from Troy and Matteo and Rahel are welcome kicks in new directions.  Its incredibly inspiring and invigorating to allow myself to try new directions, but also empowering to trust my instincts as I construct. 
So, here I am in London. 

Processing my recent work with Troy, embracing the voices of Rahel and Matteo, and spending a lot of time alone, processing, wondering, constructing, dismantling, fine tuning.