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Garden of Forking Paths invites limited audience to experience boundless connections”

– News Works, WHYY {read full article} or listen to the radio segment below:

“we were swept, once again, into the dreamlike experience created by Canuso’s exquisite installation.”

– The Dance Journal, {read full article}

“Unique vocal prompts and a smiling, silent cast of dancers guide us away from one another onto a path deliberately crafted to heighten awareness—of self and other, of seeing and being seen, of connecting and being alone, of the fuzzy contours of memory and emotion.”

– Thinking Dance, {read full article}

“emotionally stunning atmospherics… beautifully crafted performances”

– Exploredance {read full article}

“The work traverses mind blowing scale in its one hour duration… hilarious scene of emotional destruction… kaleidoscopic patterns of beautiful movement”

– Thinking Dance {read full article}

” The video and interactive software design by Pablo N. Molina is one of the most successful and witty blends of dance and technology I’ve seen in some time “

“Canuso’s languid movement style contrasted sharply with Sobelle’s…Like her, Sobelle is an extraordinary performer. He has terrific, even athletic, movement chops…Their ennui, and perhaps animosity, toward each other builds to the pandemonium that inevitably erupts.”

–  Philadelphia Inquirer {read full article}

” …frequently cryptic, sometimes funny, often disturbing, and always intriguing. “

– DC Metro Theater Arts {read full article}

 Interview with Nichole Canuso in Thinking Dance

{read the interview}

“… suggests questions of intimacy and loneliness and also the connectivity of humanity, all in the beautiful and austere setting of [The Adolphus Busch] hall.”

– Harvard Gazette {read full article}

Nichole in NEA Arts Magazine

– The Art of Failure: The Importance of Risk and Experimentation, NEA Arts Magazine  {watch the video}

“a sophisticated exploration… generous, engaging and enigmatic”

– Phindie {read full article}

“With high expectations going into this interactive experience, I walked out with my expectations having been blown out of the park…The choreography is absolutely stunning.”

– DC Metro Theater Arts {read full article}

“What Canuso has created is one of those rare pieces that is as intelligent as it is accessible”

– Seattle Dances {read full article}


{watch the video}

“You get a full-body experience. Canuso’s plays are… as spiritual as they are aesthetic.”

– Phindie {read full article}

” All the world’s a stage…”

– Springboard Exchange {read full article}

“engaging and provocative”

– Phindie {read full article}

“Cheeky and subtle… fresh and original… Canuso’s choreography is of the body and the eyes”

– Explore Dance {read full article}

“Heady and exquisite, moving and evocative … “Canuso’s sensitive choreography beautifully conjures the interconnectedness of nature and human nature.”

– Phindie {read full article}

“a thoughtful, multi-layered meditation on time, documentation and impermanence”

– Philadelphia City Paper

“It is subtle, it is alive and breathing, … such simple clarity, joy and care”

– Theatre is Easy

“The Nichole Canuso Dance Company has done it again, providing a creative, expertly executed work of art … Nichole Canuso’s spectacular, athletic moves are always tempered by lyrical grace”

– Broad Street Review {read full article}

“gorgeously intimate”

– Phillyist {read full article}

“The series of images becomes breathtaking, a kaleidoscope of ink-blot drawings, a sequence of Canuso and Van Reigersberg dancing with a thousand versions of themselves, of each other.”

– Staged {read full article}

“moodily effective”

– Philadelphia Inquirer {read full article}

“I’d never before seen anything quite like this Philadelphia-based troupe’s new show”

– Pittsburgh City Paper {read full article}

“innovative and exciting”

– Broad Street Review {read full article}

“imaginative and superbly executed”

– Broad Street Review {read full article}

“Canuso’s softly expressive face, agile body, and propulsive movements were part of a strange, gently weary dream”

– Philadelphia Inquirer {read full article}

“simply one of the most beautiful movement pieces imaginable”

– Philadelphia City Paper

“Canuso proves very deft at creating a wry, even subtle, dance that doesn’t swamp the folktale.”

– Philadelphia City Paper {read full article}